Why do Dr. Castor’s Patients Choose to Have Liposuction During the Winter?

Being in sunny Florida, we aren’t privy to traditional winter weather. While the weather here in Tampa remains pretty mild, we do not tend to visit the beach quite as often as we do come the summer months. This provides our patients at Artisan Aesthetics Plastic Surgery & Laser Center’s with a unique opportunity to ready their bodies for the summer ahead with the help of Dr. Castor and liposuction.
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The Designer Vagina: Look Good In Your Yoga Pants

A new plastic surgery procedure is on the rise and it’s all about getting the perfect vagina.
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Brazilian Butt Lift: What’s Fat Got to do With It?

When it comes to improving the backside, the Brazilian Butt Lift has become the procedure of choice at Artisan Aesthetics Plastic Surgery & Laser Center! Popular with Dr. Castor’s patients, men and women love that they are able to maximize their backsides while enhancing the rest of their figure. What is at the heart of the Brazilian Butt Lift? You guessed it—fat.

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Three Benefits of Thigh Lift Surgery


Many men and women find their thighs bothersome. Whether because of age, substantial weight fluctuation, or simply genetics, poorly proportioned thighs can be both unsightly and uncomfortable. A thigh lift is designed to contour the thighs by removing excess skin from either the inner or outer thighs to reshape the upper leg and improve their overall shape and appearance.

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When Should I Schedule a Mommy Makeover?

Childbirth and motherhood are some of the greatest joys in a women’s life! However, pregnancy can cause significant changes to the body. Many women who struggle to lose the weight, even with proper diet and exercise, are turning to surgery to get their pre-baby bodies back. A Mommy Makeover with board certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Stan Castor, might be just what you need!
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Go Sleeveless with an Arm Lift

Here in Tampa, we are fortunate enough to experience warm weather year-round. While some bask in the sun without a thought to our arms, just as many are self-conscious of how their upper arms appear to others. Hesitant to go bare, some of Dr. Castor’s patients have forgone short sleeves, tank tops, and bathing suits.
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Scars: The Not-so-Pretty Side of Plastic Surgery

There are many reasons why people have plastic surgery.  Maybe you lost a lot of weight and having that loose skin cut off of your abdomen was the final step to reaching your hard-earned transformation. Maybe you’ve always been self-conscious about the size of your breasts and that breast augmentation has liberated you from your insecurities. Maybe that mommy makeover was a gift to yourself after years of raising a family.

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Stop The Shame: Having Cosmetic Surgery Is Not Embarrassing

When people imagine someone who has had plastic surgery, too many times the image of a woman with a stretched face and too round, pushed up breasts appears. Many women who long for a positive body change won’t even step into the doors of a surgeon’s office because they fear they will be seen as too vain, lacking character, having the wrong priorities, and superficial.

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The Likeable Effects of Facial Rejuvenation

Castor, Face Lift - Image
Facial plastic surgery may do more than help you appear younger. Researchers at Georgetown University Medical Center found that individuals who underwent some sort of facial rejuvenation were perceived as more likable—emphasizing the role that facial rejuvenation can play in facial profiling. The study illuminates what Dr. Castor already knows, facial rejuvenation can extend far beyond beauty and has a greater influence throughout all dimensions of a patient’s life.

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More than Enhancement—a Breast Lift Can Restore Your Silhouette

Castor, Breast Lift - Image
With a changing silhouette, many maturing women hope to evoke a breast line of their youth. All expressing a similar sentiment, Dr. Castor’s patients explain, “I like the size of my breasts, but their shape and position has changed.” Aptly named and designed to do just this, a breast lift seemingly lifts the breasts—allowing them to appear both shapelier and perkier.
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