Go Sleeveless with an Arm Lift

Go Sleeveless with an Arm Lift

Here in Tampa, we are fortunate enough to experience warm weather year-round. While some bask in the sun without a thought to our arms, just as many are self-conscious of how their upper arms appear to others. Hesitant to go bare, some of Dr. Castor’s patients have forgone short sleeves, tank tops, and bathing suits.

Who Can Benefit from Arm Lift Surgery?

It is common for both men and women to store extra fat in their upper arms. Whereas some patients struggle with fat accumulation, others are taunted by excess skin that dangles from the underside of the arms and is more familiarly known as “bat wings.” Either way, an arm lift (otherwise known as brachioplasty), can help trim and tone the upper arm area.

Bat wings are an unfortunate side effect of extreme weight loss, age, and genetics. Both age and weight gain cause the skin to stretch and further the breakdown of the skin’s natural elastic properties—leaving the skin to sag and swing loosely from beneath the upper arm. Even those who are dedicated to working out their arms find that no amount of muscle definition can lessen the amount of extra skin.

Why Choose an Arm Lift?

To rejuvenate the upper arm, Dr. Castor carefully trims away any excess skin. When necessary, he is able to utilize liposuction to remove excess fatty tissues that can further distort the appearance of the upper arm. By removing lax and aged skin, Dr. Castor can restore a youthful contour to your upper arms.

Dare to Bare Your Arms

Do bat wings have you shying away from hot weather wardrobe essentials? If so, we encourage you to schedule your arm lift consultation with Dr. Castor.

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